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Serenity Salon


Serenity Salon Safety Policy

Updated March 2021

This will be an evolving policy and can change without notice.


• All stylists and clients over the age of 2 are required to wear a mask while in the salon.

• Please arrive at your appointment time and not earlier.

• If you have been in contact with travelers outside of BC within the last 14 days, we ask that you refrain from coming into the salon. If you have been ordered to self isolate, you will not be allowed in.

• Clients and staff are not permitted to enter the salon who have had symptoms of COVID-19 in the last 14 days. Symptoms include new or worsening cough, sneezing, sore throat, fever, chills, shortness of breath, new muscle aches or headache. We reserve the right to refuse service if any symptoms are visible.

• A daily health check will be done on all staff before every shift.

• Only booked clients will be permitted in the salon, apart from elderly clients who need assistance, their caregiver is recommended to wait in their car until client’s service is finished. For young children who usually have a parent with them, only one adult is allowed in with the child and both will be required to wear a mask. If multiple children are booked together, they will only be allowed into the salon when their stylist is ready.

• Clients and staff will be asked to disinfect their cell phone or electronic device if they wish to bring it into the salon.

• Clients and staff are asked to sanitize their hands by either washing with soap and water in the washroom or using the provided hand sanitation spray upon entering the salon. Clients will then be required to put on a mask if they do not already have one on.

• Please do not wear gloves into the salon. If you wear your own mask into the salon, make sure it is 3 layers, clean and has straps over the ears and not the back of the head.



• Salon hours have been adjusted to accommodate as many clients as we can while following the WorkSafeBC Guidelines and keeping our staff and clients safe. This will allow time for sanitation between each client. Our maximum occupancy in the salon is 13 people.

• Beverages will not be served at this time and we ask that clients refrain from bringing in their own beverages as you are required to have a mask on the whole time.

• Waiting chairs and magazines have been removed as they cannot be sanitized properly.

• A polycarbonate shield has been placed at the front desk for the safety of our receptionists. Receptionists will not be required to wear a mask when at the front desk behind the shield if needed for communication. When the receptionist is not behind the shield a mask is required.

• Retail products are to be handled by front desk staff only with clean, sanitized hands. We ask that clients refrain from getting retail products themselves and ask for assistance from the receptionist.

• Curbside pickup is available for retail purchases when a client doesn’t have an appointment booked.

• Frequently touched areas such as door handles, front desk counter, and the debit machine will be sanitized between each client by products approved by Health Canada.



• Stylists will ensure that all tools are sanitized and disinfected after every single client as approved by Health Canada.

• Stations will be sanitized and disinfected before each new client as approved by Health Canada.

• Stylists will ensure that between every client they practice proper sanitization of themselves as well.

• Shampoo sink and chair will be sanitized and disinfected after every use.

• Disposable gloves used for chemical services will be disposed of correctly after every use.

• Clean towels and capes will be used on each client.


• We have prepared a cleaning schedule of all essential shared areas. (Washroom, colour room, staff room, etc.) All areas of the salon will be disinfected with a medical grade cleaner.

• Staff room table and counters are sprayed or wiped with a disinfectant approved by Health Canada.

• Floors will be swept and mopped daily.

• Hand washing procedure signs will be in place in the washroom and staff room.

• In the case of another closure due to COVID-19, clients will be contacted in the order that the appointments were cancelled to rebook once we are able to re-open.