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We are a group of women with a mission to create a welcoming and stress free environment. We love to have fun while providing the best service possible. Even though our salon was named after a spaceship from a TV show, we believe that we should all thrive in a place of serenity. 

Serenity: the absence of mental stress and anxiety. 



Here at Serenity Salon, we are proud to be a part of the Green Circle Salon Program. Green Circle Salons proudly offers a comprehensive waste recovery and repurposing program that sets out to significantly reduce the industry’s negative environmental impact and help to make the beauty industry more sustainable. What was once considered garbage is redirected out of water streams and landfills and repurposed into innovative green solutions. All hair clippings, extensions, excess color and developer, papers and plastics, foils, aerosol cans and color tubes are collected by Green Circle Salons - effectively cutting down a salon’s total waste, literally overnight, by 85-95%!

Hair clippings are repurposed into hair booms to help in oil spill cleanup and pet beds for disaster zones (used in Haiti following the 2010 earthquake). Leftover hair color by-product is turned into clean energy to be reinjected into local power grids. Chemical-laden foil is cleaned and recycled into new consumer products. Even electronic waste and mannequin heads are recovered and given a new life. Supported by a constantly growing membership of 2,000+ salons, spas and barbershops, Green Circle Salons has diverted more than 3.35 MILLION lbs of waste from North American landfills and waterways!

Initiatives such as tree planting, help to offset the total tons of carbon created and kilometres driven by the operations team. To date, Green Circle Salons has offset 209 tons of carbon! Green Circle Salons also gives back 5% of pre-tax profits yearly, to local and international organizations supporting environmental programs impacting positive green change. We are so proud to have been a part of this amazing organization since 2012.